About the school

Institution code - 191847216
Register - Register of Juridical persons
School office  Vasario 16-osios g. 39, LT-30112, Ignalina.
Phone 8-386 52 678 
Email - saltinelis@ignalina.lt 
Type of school - a school
Teaching language - Lithuanian
Director - Alyte Zakarauskiene
The branches of the School

IGNALINOS ,,Saltinelio” mokykla
Vasario 16-osios g. 39, LT-30122 Ignalina,
Tel. (8 ~ 386) 52678, (8 ~ 386) 52131, email: saltinelis@ignalina.lt 
Headmistress – Alyte Zakarauskiene

 Ignalina Kindergarten was built in 1980 in the northern part of the city, near the lake Paplovinis. In 1994 the groups of special education for children with complex and mental disabilities were founded in this Kindergarten. On the 23rd of February in 1995 by Ignalina district Board decision ,,Saltinelis” name was conferred for the institution. 
Since the first of September of 2003 the Kindergarten has Vidiskiu, Didziasalio and Duksto (it was closed in 2012) branches.
Since 2006 Ignalina district council has changed Ignalina Kindergarten’s ,,Saltinelis” type to Ignalina School-kindergarten ,,Saltinelis”. From 2012 this institution is Ignalina ,,Saltinelis” School.
From 2010 this school has a separate branch for children with complex and mental disabilities. Children and youths are teaching here till 21 years old.  
Ignalina ,,Saltinelis” School is a general purpose and special education institution, in which children are educated comprehensive and harmonious, their health is protected and strenthened here. The Shool workers are taking care of their physical and mental safety, activity, self-expresion and individuality. 
Currently, in the School are 12 different age groups of children, which are attending at 204 children, including 40 children of pre-primary education. Another 83 children (including 28 children of pre-primary education) are attending Ignalina ,,Saltinelis” School branches.
There are a sport’s and entertainment’s halls. The pupet show studio is acting in the School. Besides, different atractions, calendar festivals are celebrated  and the native land traditions and customs are cherished here, although. Children take part in a district participates, in a various cultural events, in a drawing and crafts exhibitions every year.
In May in 2000 Ignalina ,,Saltinelis” School engaged in Lithuanian Health Promoting Schools Network. Since 2001 till 2010 the institution took part in pre-school staff association ,,Health shoots”. Now this School is carrying out a health strengthening program ,,I’m growing healthy and strong”.
Ignalina  ,,Saltinelis” School is attaching great importance to a child, to a young person and his family. The all people are waited  here, they will be receive such  as they are.

Ignalinos ,,Saltinelio” mokykla, Didziasalio skyrius
Dumblio g. 7, Didziasalio km. , Didziasalio sen., LT-30154 Ignalinos r. sav.
Ph.(8-386) 59637

Headmistress – Jadvyga Cincikiene 

On the first of  September in 1987 the door was opened to a new Didziasalis Kindergarten ,,Berzelis”. From the first of September in 2003  Kindergarten was reorganized into Ignalina Kindergarten ,,Saltinelis” Didziasalis branch. At present, 38 children are attending this Ignalina ,,Saltinelis” School branch. The branch is working according to Ignalina ,,Saltinelis” School education program. The healthiness and educational program content is forming children’s upbringing corresponding to the individual needs, this content is maturing children’s creative thinking, independence and the ability to answer for their actions, it’s fostering children’s spiritual, mental and physical abilities. There are celebrated various festivals, entertainments here, with active participation of children, their parents and School staff.
Ignalinos ,,Saltinelio” mokykla, Vidiskiu skyrius
Melioratoriu g. 8, Vidiskiu km., Vidiskiu sen.,  LT-30234 Ignalinos r. sav.
Ph. (8 ~ 386) 46432
Headmistress – Stase Saviciuniene

Vidiskiu Kindergarten was founded in 1967 in the former premises of the manor. The Kindergarten  moved into a newly built 140-seat building in 1984.
Now 45 children of Vidiskiu parish is attending this institution. The pre-school education group is working here and 15 children are attending it.
This branch staff is taking care of children’s upbringing, teaching and healthiness. 
We are trying to know the child and his family better and we are trying to help the family to foster the all powers of the child, that deciding development of personality. Our goal is favourable conditions for self-expression, self-development, security, openness to the public. This is educational institution where the pedagogical interaction is the principle of cooperation, in close interaction with the family, based on the freedom of choice and the content of education, which is going on the ethno-cultural basis.

Atnaujinta: 2021-10-19